December 9, 2015   Posted by: Wouter Vermeersch

Tier 1: Eging PV in, JA Solar out

Cleantec Trade is frequently asked by its customers for a list of ‘major’ or ‘bankable’ PV manufacturers, the so-called top brands. Bloomberg has developed a unique ranking system for grading PV module makers, based on bankability and cooperation with market developers, investors and EPC’s.

Tier 1 manufacturers are those which have provided solar panels to five different projects, that have been financed by five different banks, in the past two years. The ranking creates a transparent differentiation between the hundreds of manufacturers of solar panels on the market.

Some interesting trends have taken place among the Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers during the last quarter of 2015:

Eging PV, a top 10 Chinese PV Brand, is now also officially classified as Bloomberg Tier 1. The company achieves, with its mono premium all black series, unrivalled solar panel efficiencies up to 18% by using pioneering cell technology, fully automated production lines, vertical integration and extensive quality control.

• Remarkably, JA Solar is no longer part of the official Bloomberg Tier 1 list as the company does no longer meet the criteria. JA Solar does not have the right projects to be categorized as Tier 1.

Trina Solar has retained its top position for the last four quarters. Sustained growth has established Trina as the world’s number 1 solar panel manufacturer.