August 17, 2016   Posted by: Wouter Vermeersch

Tier 1 Chinese solar panel producers Q3 2016

Tier 1 WP









↑    1. Jinko Solar

↓    2. Trina Solar

↑    3. Canadian Solar

↓    4. JA Solar

=   5. Yingli Solar

↑    6. Risen Energy

↓    7. Talesun

=   8. Suntech

=   9. Astronergy

= 10. Eging PV

= 11. CSUN


5,3 GWp

5,0 GWp

4,6 GWp

4,0 GWp

4,0 GWp

3,1 GWp

2,8 GWp

2,4 GWp

2,0 GWp

1,7 GWp

1,6 GWp

Recent developments:

  • Of the Tier 1 panel makers, Jinko has been the most aggressive in order to claim the number 1 shipment volume by the end of 2016. Besides capacity expansions, however, Jinko remains heavily dependent on 3rd-party supply of cells and panels (OEM) to realise these shipment targets. Adding to this concern is the level of shipments forecasted by the company from China and the US, as both market are uncertain in second year half.

  • Trina Solar was earlier this year named world’s most bankable PV panel manufacturer by Bloomberg. The company now announced that its chairman and CEO, Jifan Gao has secured an investor consortium to take the company private and exit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Being private frees up management’s time and effort to concentrate on running and growing the business in the long run, instead of complying with the short-term obligations and regulations of the stock exchange.

  • Canadian Solar took the 3rd position from JA Solar by significantly expanding its in-house production capacity. New panel assembly plants have been established in Vietnam (300MWp), Indonesia (30MWp) and Brazil (300MWp). Overall, the company’s capacity reached 4,63 GWp by the end of June ‘16 and is expected to reach 5,7GWp by year-end.

This alternative list of Chinese Tier 1 solar panel producers is based on our own market analysis and extensive network of sector contacts. Producers are ranked according to their production capacity and based on the following criteria in European context:

– Bankability: projects with these solar panels are financed by European banks;

– Legality: the solar panels are freely importable into the European Union, without import or retroactive duty, either from China under the EU-China price agreement (MIP), either from a third country with non-Chinese cells;

– Financial health: producers involved in insolvency proceedings or bankruptcy are excluded from the list;

– Technical conformity: the producers have the necessary European certificates (IEC, MCS, etc.) and have not been rejected in our factory inspections.

Disclaimer: This list is a personal impression of the Managing Director of Cleantec Trade and is not legally binding the organisation. Cleantec Trade does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information and does not take any liability for this information.