June 15, 2016   Posted by: Wouter Vermeersch

Market Analysis Asian PV Panels Q2 2016

Market Analysis WP• Prices: stable, but decline expected

• Availability: no shortage and inventory clearance

The prices of Chinese and Southeast Asian solar panels have remained nearly unchanged since the beginning of the year. However, panel prices are now under pressure as cell prices have dropped sharply in the past months. Currently continuous European demand still keeps prices at a stable level. But, both poly and mono prices are expected to decline in Q3 because of unclear demand outlook and persistent price competition.



In Q1, due to the end of the generous feed-in tariffs, large volumes of solar panels ended up in the UK, especially low-priced standard poly panels. This created a bottleneck in the rest of Europe. In Q2, however, there was enough availability. The demand in Germany, France and Belgium shows signs of recovery, but does not create a shortage. Some Chinese producers are even coping with high inventory levels as the financial quarter end is approaching. In order to have healthy quarterly figures, some are currently doing some promotion to digest their inventories.