April 20, 2016   Posted by: Wouter Vermeersch

Factory inspections Vietnam and Thailand

Factory inspections• Inspected producers: Trina, Canadian, CSUN, Talesun, Risen, NSP, Ritek

• Not all plants meet quality requirements

• Price differences < quality differences

• Inspection reports available

Cleantec Trade visited and inspected the solar panel factories of Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, China Sunergy (CSUN), Talesun, Risen Energy, Neo Solar Power (NSP) and Ritek in Vietnam and Thailand. Because of the minimum import price (MIP), Tier 1 players increasingly expand their production capacity in Southeast Asia. Conclusion of these inspections is that not all plants meet the quality standards Cleantec Trade requires.

In both countries we have encountered brand new, state-of-the-art, fully automated production lines, but also worn-out and out-dated machinery that was rushed from China and Taiwan to these countries. The small price differences between these producers do not outweigh the big quality differences. Purchasing well informed is the message. Cleantec Trade adapts its product range based on the experiences of these factory inspections and also guides volume customers in their direct purchases from these factories. We make our inspection reports, with the necessary pictures, available to interested parties.

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