Eging PV Solar Panels

Eging PV 290 Wp Mono Premium All Black



Eging Premium All Black

Cleantec Trade has permanent stock of 290 Wp Mono Full Black. Eging PV is the first Chinese producer who succeeds in providing stable production and supply of these high performance black solar panels:

• High module efficiency (17,75%)
These high powers are achieved through pioneering cell technology, advanced production and extensive quality control. The innovative cell design with four busbars leads to tremendous reduction in electrons resistance, less residual stress, less micro cracks, less risk of hotspots and thus also more power.

• Excellent price-performance ratio
More power at lower price than traditional Mono Full Black’s.

• Cost-reduction
As these solar panels have about 10% more efficiency than traditional Full Black panels, one saves on average 8% on the system cost. After all, less solar panels need to be installed to reach the same power, which means a saving on labour costs and mounting systems.

• Vertical integration and full automation
Eging PV has the world’s largest and state of the art fully automated and vertically integrated assembly line from Reis Robotics in Germany which ensures reliability and durability.

• 10 year product warranty, 25 year linear output warranty, positive tolerance, PID-free and resistance against harsh environments

Eging PV